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Founder & Principal Architect

Bachelors Of Architecture, (2006), Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai Master Of Environmental Architecture, (2016), I.E.S College of Architecture, Mumbai
Mr. Kamlesh KripIani, as Principal Architect and Green Building Consultant, enjoys the challenges posed by the diverse nature of his profession. This produces an architecture that creates places; which enrich the way live, work, play, and heal. ‘Bygone conclusion of nature in the architecture of not being incorporated provoked me to pursue Masters in Sustainable Architecture.’ Kamlesh Kriplani

Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani

People think, an architect is someone who merely designs their homes or offices. The fact is architects not just design your building but he is building designs of your entire future. With more than 15 years of experience in designing the dream homes, commercial complexes, showrooms and offices of countless clients; Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani’s formal education is from the Esteemed J.J. College of Architecture is an expert at understanding the requirements of clients and a master of converting the requirements into implementable, practical and functional designs.
Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani’s keen eye for detail helps him to understand requirements of the client; not just at the levels of design but also at the levels of functionality and efficiency. His sharp mind and mature intellect allows him to see way into the future so that the dream project doesn’t end up becoming a living nightmare. Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani firmly believes that an architect is someone who designs the present with complete awareness of the past and absolute understanding of the future.

Dr. Parimal Gupte

Bachelor Of Engineering, Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D), Realization Talks, Leadership Expert, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author

Dr. Parimal Gupte embodies a rare blend of theoretical knowledge, practical expertise, and youthful dynamism. He is well versed in various fields like Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Retail management, Analytical Research, Operational Research & management, Customer Psychology, Mythology & Cultures, etc. which enables him to comprehend, resolve, and explain any situation from a 360-degree angle. Company’s internal functions, policy-making and trainings are handled by Dr. Parimal Gupte.

Chetan Agrawal

Mr. Chetan Agrawal is an on-field executor. It is impossible to limit him to any one particular department. After spending 5 years in the IT industry and gaining vast experience in the USA, he is back to his roots with much stronger expertise to serve.

He handles the entire company operations and manages the complete project. He keeps close control over all these departments and makes your premises reach their true potential. 

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We try to create buildings that are simple, but not simplistic. We believe in ideas without limits, and strive to create spaces without boundaries.